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"Pranic Healing, Reiki etc. are not found in any of the Vedic or Yogic literatures and are New Age concepts as they are practised today. One first requires sattvic prana (purified breath and consciousness) that took several decades if not years for advanced Yogis to practice and relates to Pranayama (yogic breathing) techniques, not "energy healing" and such. Some were by drishti (glance) by advanced Siddha-Yogis (Perfected Yogis), but again, these were 400-500 year old Yogis undergone several lifetimes of intense tapas, not simply born into the West eating meats, drinking alcohol and decide to take a course in their later life and become experts! Such Siddha Yogis or Nathas however were also those who could by mere gaze, spit or mantra, transform a stone into gold or materialise a palace out of the ethers. They were not your usual men!

Such practices form part of the New-Age or popularised "American Ayurveda" techniques, which aim at superficiality and placebo-effects as opposed to true and organic healing and Traditional Ayurveda. They undermine rather than reflect the richness, depth and scientific nature of Vedic traditions.

I have likewise read that the Vedic view of Cancer is one of astral parasites or a negative energy invading one's aura etc. However, such nonsense finds no basis in any Ayurvedic, Yogic or Tantric text itself. According to the Samhitas, Cancer is caused by aggravation of the doshas in the body which produces swelling and relocate into the tissues (Ashtanga, Uttarasthana, 29) as well as by injuries and wounds to various areas, producing swelling and wounds that won't heal, leading to tumours. Treatment traditionally is by way of surgery to remove the tumour first and / or cauterisation and alkalis as well as strict diets (Ashtanga,Sutrasthana, 30.3 & 42; Charaka Sam. 12.81-87). Cauterisation can be compared to Radiation therapy today. 

Certain formulas as Makardhwaja (an alchemical prepartion in Ayurveda) and other immune-system building formulas (alchemical and herbal) as well as other anti-cancer formulas were also used classically. We can compare these to modern Chemotherapy.

Likewise, Insanity in Ayurveda is caused by (a) aggravated wastes in the body causing chemical imbalances in the mind and (b) external factors as weather, exposure to heat, cold, trauma etc. and very rarely (c) karmic factors leading to a temporary seizure of the mind according to different levels or categories of people and beings one has insulted or ridiculed in a past or present life-time. One begins to act as per the category one has offended, which may be summed up as "psychic possession", but is more complex than that in reality, nothing truly supernatural.

Psychic possession in Ayurveda itself is due to past karmas or actions due to insults, wrongful actions against one's Guru or elders or various other tribes of people, deities and such. It is not due to supernatural / unknown factors randomly. 

Similarly, many common features that we see, for example, birth of twins and such, as also difficulties in pregnancy are due to previous karmas as well (Charaka Samhita. Sharirasthana, II.12-16), causing also differentiation in twins.

In cases of hermaphrodites etc., the biological wind-humor (or Vata dosha) gets disturbed and causes disorders, also due to previous actions. The same is also due to children that are born with genetic defects also, due to agitating and dark tendencies of the individual. In these cases however, Ayurveda recognises the karmic cause beyond the formation of the embryo, but also the science of embryology as well and the factors here that cause phenomena such as twins and hermaphroditism. It is not simply a pseudo-sciences that ascribes everything to spiritual realms, but also involves the physical manifestations and causes and rational therapy also.

Treatments of insanity often included special formulas, including those herbs and formulas to rejuvenate the mind (sometimes with gold) and in various tablets containing several herbs as well as strict diets according to the form of insanity and cause. Certain practices that imparted clarity (sattvas) to the mind were also adopted.

I see no reason to taint our sciences with New Age type nonsense and terminology which finds no place in our traditional texts nor tradition! It is misleading and incomplete."


Karma in Yoga and Ayurveda: Durgadas 

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I have found this course very interesting, rich and inspiring for me to go forwards, so first of all it is for me a base to start understanding Ayurveda. The knowledge I have learnt I am on the way to apply on my daily routine, for me and my family.

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