Our Courses:

1. Online Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course - 200hr

This is our starter-course for beginners and those aspiring to become Practitioners, granting 200 Online Study Hours in Ayurveda and title of Spiritual Ayurvedic Counselor through our Academy. Graduates are able to register as "Ayurvedic Ambassadors" with our Vishwa Ayurveda Samaj after successful completion and graduation of this course, which has a special focus on Traditional and Spiritual Ayurveda, rarely seen today.

2. Purna Ayurveda Training - 400 hr


Purna Ayurveda Training is an Integral training system of Ayurveda for advanced Practitioners and those who have completed our "Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course" and includes one to one guidance and training in all aspects of traditional Ayurveda as per the Gurukula system of ancient India and is a 400 Hour Study program in Advanced Ayurveda.

3. Vaidik Para-Yoga Program - 400 hr


The Vaidika Para-Yoga Program looks at the original Vedic Yoga of ancient India and restoring the original system of Yoga in harmony with Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) and also Ayurveda. It focuses on working with the Dasha Mahavidya or the ten forms of the goddess as well as other deities and energies, with a special focus on Karma and Mantra-Yoga along with some special Vedic and Tantric techniques and teachings as well as an in-depth study of the mind and psychology. This is a 400 Hour Certification program through our Academy with the title of Traditional Vedic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher

4. Mantric Ayurveda Course - 200 hr

Our Mantric Ayurveda Course is a 200 hour direct-sudy program in Traditional Mantric Ayurveda and brings the student in as an "Ayurvedic Mantra Educator". Graduates can also apply with the Vishwa Ayurveda Samaj as "Ayurvedic Mantra Healers".

5. Purna Astrology Program


The Purna Astrology Program is an Integral Astrology program based on Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology and looks at its history as also along with Yoga, Yogic and Ayurvedic Psychology and Ayurvedic Astrology or medical astrology in general to look at all aspects of life, as well as various imbalances and working with planetary energies at a deeper level.



6. Vedic, Yoga and other Ayurveda Study Programs

We offer several programs dealing with study of the Vedas, the ancient texts of India as also deeper Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Yoga as well as other Vedic sciences. There are several such programs that require one to one study that can be taken and require study of Durgadas's books.


7. Practical Ayurveda and Panchakarma Training in India


We have several options for Practical Training in India in Ayurveda as well as in New Zealand also, for those wishing to study with Durgadas. These follow traditional models.








I have found this course very interesting, rich and inspiring for me to go forwards, so first of all it is for me a base to start understanding Ayurveda. The knowledge I have learnt I am on the way to apply on my daily routine, for me and my family.

-Maribel, Switzerland

What some of our

latest graduates have said:

I took this course because it has all the original facets of Ayurveda. Most academies teach you how to face a physical problem. Here all branches are present and that's  how it is meant to be.

-Hans, Netherlands

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Ayurveda and Mantras. What I learned in the course has been extremely beneficial for applying Ayurveda principles and using the correct mantras for the different dosha types. It has been a blessing taking this course. Thank you.

-Chidanandi, USA