Ayurvedic Massage Course - COMING SOON!


We will soon be offering an Ayurvedic Massage Course for those who sincerely wish to bring in traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques and concerns, which will also cover the study of Marmas (Ayurvedic pressure points) and their Traditional concerns.

This Course will take small batches of 3-4 people max. at a time, in order to give proper consideration and training to individuals concerned.


We will have the details up once we have finalised details etc.

You may register your interest by clicking HERE.

This has been a very interesting course, well written and understandable. Excellent guidance, when required, by Durgadas Lingham. I'm very happy to have been recommended this course by an Ayurvedic College in India and look forward to continuing my studies under this instructor.

-Doreen, Canada

I have found this course very interesting, rich and inspiring for me to go forwards, so first of all it is for me a base to start understanding Ayurveda. The knowledge I have learnt I am on the way to apply on my daily routine, for me and my family.

-Maribel, Switzerland

What some of our

latest graduates have said:

I took this course because it has all the original facets of Ayurveda. Most academies teach you how to face a physical problem. Here all branches are present and that's  how it is meant to be.

-Hans, Netherlands

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Ayurveda and Mantras. What I learned in the course has been extremely beneficial for applying Ayurveda principles and using the correct mantras for the different dosha types. It has been a blessing taking this course. Thank you.

-Chidanandi, USA