Atomic Ayurveda - Level III

Atomic Ayurveda is our Highest Advanced Level III of Ayurveda Training.

Students must first have mastered the previous courses of:

- Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course (Level I)


- Purna Ayurveda Training (Level II)


'Atomic Ayurveda' is another specialised and highest form of training offered by our Academy and developed by Durgadas in his traditional zeal for expanding upon and bringing out the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. While the former aspects are the yamas and niyamas of Ayurveda Training, this is the highest aspect that rests upon the logical explanations and also includes an in-depth system of analysis developed by Durgadas.

It includes Durgadas' upcoming book Ayurveda Beyond the Doshas as well as his advanced works on the Vedas and Parasaiva Siddhanta philosophy which expands upon the traditional chakra and other systems.

Syllabus Includes:

-Understanding Atomic Ayurveda

-Understanding Modern Science vs Ancient Ayurvedic Science

-Importance of Surgery in Ayurveda

-Examination of the three systems of:

(i) 13 Prakriti Types in Ayurveda
(ii) 1963 Prakriti Types
(ii) 22,000+ Prakriti Types in Ayurveda

-Atomic Psychology (Examination of the Sutras by Durgadas)

-The 900,000,000 levels of the mind and understanding and assessing them relative to 'Atomic Ayurveda Psychology'

-Understanding and diagnosing disease in Ayurveda according to the Atomic Theory

-Developing a logical understanding of pujas, pranayamas, devatas, jyotisha and mantras according to Atomic Ayurveda through the ancient references

-Fallacy of Modern New-Age practices and why Ayurveda sees them as invalid

-Developing the Viveka

-Altering the subtle DNA in healing diseases and a deeper look at karma from the Atomic Ayurveda perspective

-The deeper aspect of aksharas and mantras at a deeper level

-Subtleties of substances in Ayurveda and looking beyond the simplistic aspects

As this is an Advanced Course, students must have completed the prerequiste courses and also be advanced sadhakas of Durgadas to enter this course. It is challenging and is based on the Gurukula tradition of one to one personal instruction through this highly-developed system.


I have found this course very interesting, rich and inspiring for me to go forwards, so first of all it is for me a base to start understanding Ayurveda. The knowledge I have learnt I am on the way to apply on my daily routine, for me and my family.

-Maribel, Switzerland

What some of our

latest graduates have said:

I took this course because it has all the original facets of Ayurveda. Most academies teach you how to face a physical problem. Here all branches are present and that's  how it is meant to be.

-Hans, Netherlands

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Ayurveda and Mantras. What I learned in the course has been extremely beneficial for applying Ayurveda principles and using the correct mantras for the different dosha types. It has been a blessing taking this course. Thank you.

-Chidanandi, USA