Our Mission: A Traditional Passion

Academy of Traditional Ayurveda (a part of Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd as the training branch) is an online institution that aims at countering the misconceptions and incomplete nature of modern forms of Ayurveda such as the popular Spa Ayurveda and American Ayurveda and seeks to bring Ayurveda back to its roots and integral nature.


This means understanding the disease process and also factors such as karma and Ayurvedic healing modalities in depth, not in merely a superficial,  pasturised or New Age manner.

While our courses are online, we also p
rovide audio and video resources and personal contact for facilitating in our online courses as well as providing additional practical training options in Ayurveda and Vedic-sciences. 


Our online studies are also based on such models as to provide practical application assignments for students to learn Ayurveda in a practical and guided manner. Students are thus never alone in their studies!

While we understand that certain forms of Ayurveda in the West have acted as an introductory level, they have left out many important aspects of the "bigger picture" and while we honour the contributions of many teachers, also note their limitations and misrepresentation of classical Ayurveda.


We often hear about Pranic Healing or Ayurvedic massage but not that Ayurveda gave us Plastic Surgery or that it has an in-depth system that also believes in chemical imbalances of the mind and understands embryology in depth, nor that it treats over 1,000 illnesses traditionally and has a very advanced surgical system that influenced Western techniques!

As such, we wish to give students the opportunity to discover a full aspect of Ayurveda and study therapies and treatments in their complete aspects, not simply in their reduced and pasturised aspects as has been done to suit the American and western public, through which Ayurveda has been popularised and reduced into a pseudo-science by various organisations and individuals in both India and the West alike.

Our main aim is to provide a web-based platform for providing traditional studies in Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Sciences, based on the ancient Gurukula systems of the Rishis. Our training resources and materials are hence designed in a traditional manner of learning!

Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati proclaimed a return to the original Vedic texts of India.

Durgadas with Dr. David Frawley and Shambhavi Chopra in Sante Fe, New Mexico.


This inspiration also comes from the message of Durgadas's family Guru, Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati, whose message as "Back to the Vedas", looking at the original teachings of the Vedic era, as well as the oldest Ayurvedic classical texts and their teachings, which Durgadas looked into and applied this also, along with his extensive Traditional Ayurvedic study in India, which relied heavily on classical texts and tradition. Maharishi Dayananda's message was also 'krinvanto vishwam aryam', or "Make the world noble", which also refers to spreading the Vedic knowledge. Sri Aurobindo also brought out the Vedic Yoga in another form as an Integral Yoga, for which was also the background for Durgadas's application of this to Ayurveda and bringing out a Purna Ayurveda or Integral Ayurveda also. As such, Durgadas was heavily inspired by the ancient classical Ayurveda as taught in the Classical Ayurvedic and Jyotish (Astrological) texts of India. Seeing the deficiency in this due to the modern "Spa Ayurveda" and "American / New Age Ayurveda", he sought to create a more traditional and complete model, free from these influences and based on the Traditional Teachings as opposed to pasteurised Ayurveda and Yoga traditions.

At the tender age of 15, Durgadas was blessed with a vision to restore the Vaidika (Vedic) sciences to the world in their integral manner. As such, Durgadas spent decades researching the ancient shastras or classical texts and practising and learning the ancient sciences and has has endeavored to restore the original Ayurveda and Yoga traditions in a similar light, expanding on from lost secrets of the classical texts and students learn many new concepts and teachings not found elsewhere in other Ayurvedic courses in India or the West.

As such, we have a uniquely Vedic focus and teach students the importance of Vedic yajnas such as Agni-Hotra and the original Vedic Yoga systems and techniques, which are often lacking. We also teach the deeper aspects of Ayurvedic diagnosis and examination to our students, especially advanced classes.

We also stress the importance of the Sanskrit Language in our courses and the importance for students to learn the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras especially, as well as the importance of healing the mind or Ayurvedic Psychology, which is integrated in our courses and of which students learn a deeper level of compared to many programs.


This Academy is home to the signature Purna Ayurveda Training Program and also the Vaidika Para-Yoga Program, both developed by Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga and Ayurveda TeacherVed Kovid, Durgadas.


However, we offer several Courses of Vedic Study, not just in the field of Ayurveda, although we have developed specific programs along these lines to incorporate it. We have 200 Hr and 400 Hr Ayurvedic Programs as well as options for Practical Training in India and also New Zealand.

We have an International Alliance with 
AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America) in order to promote Traditional Ayurveda also and we encourage our students, upon completion of their training with us and Practical training, to register with AAPNA as Registered Ayurvedic Professionals.


Students are also encouraged to join the Vishwa Ayurveda Samaj, an Online Ayurvedic Association so that they can further their studies and networking as Student Members while studying and upon completion of our Ayurvedic Lifestyle Course, can register as an Ayurvedic Ambassador with the Samaj and as their training continues, can gain more accreditation through the Samaj.


We are also affiliated with a special Ayurvedic Hospital in India for Practical Training for those wishing to do so.We have our own special Vaidik Para-Yoga and also Purna Ayurveda training programs available, as well as options for Practical Training in Ayurveda through our traditional Ayurvedic Hospital in India.

We have an International Alliance with AAPNA

"Academy of Traditional Ayurveda" is, as the name suggests, aimed at promoting a Traditional Ayurveda, opposed to the pasteurised Ayurveda that is commonly seen in both the West and in India and is a branch of Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd in order to share the ancient secrets of Ayurveda with the world.

We also have our Vishwa Ayurveda Samaj with it's unique Advisory Board of Ayurvedic and Vedic Professionals which we network and liase with in order to expand the studies for our students.


Our Academy also has its own Publications which one can also view and buy from our various selections of books.

Durgadas founded the Academy of Traditional Ayurveda after finding that many in the West and in India were "westernising" Ayurveda and mixing it with New Age concepts, away from the (traditional) Vedic-Hindu roots that he grew up with and is in his DNA. As such, he sought to restore an Integral Ayurveda, looking back to the ancient Four Vedas (Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda) and the classical Ayurvedic texts (Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita) for inspiration also, free from the corruptions of the modern western and New-Age as also Allopathic world views.


Durgadas also studied the teachings of the Vedas, Yoga and Ayurveda under Pandit Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley). As such, he also seeks to expand on the traditional Ayurveda and Vedic Sciences as per tradition.


Eventually, Durgadas saw that Ayurveda, as presented in the West, had often become pasteurised and too "New Age", often ignoring the depth of tradition and sought to rectify this.


I have found this course very interesting, rich and inspiring for me to go forwards, so first of all it is for me a base to start understanding Ayurveda. The knowledge I have learnt I am on the way to apply on my daily routine, for me and my family.

-Maribel, Switzerland

What some of our

latest graduates have said:

I took this course because it has all the original facets of Ayurveda. Most academies teach you how to face a physical problem. Here all branches are present and that's  how it is meant to be.

-Hans, Netherlands

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Ayurveda and Mantras. What I learned in the course has been extremely beneficial for applying Ayurveda principles and using the correct mantras for the different dosha types. It has been a blessing taking this course. Thank you.

-Chidanandi, USA